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Memory deficits are evident in PDD, although the profile of memory impairment in PDD is both qualitatively and quantitatively different than is observed in patients with AD. As in patients with PD, the memory deficit in early PDD is typically characterized by deficits in retrieval, rather than consolidation. That is, patients with early PDD are sufficiently able to retain information over time, but show deficits in retrieving the information from memory in free recall trials, in other words, without the aid of recognition or cueing. As the dementia becomes more severe, patients with PDD display broader memory deficits, including deficient encoding and consolidation, which is comparable with patients with AD (19). Although remote memory is typically intact early in PDD, deficits in this area become increasingly evident as the dementia progresses (63,84). However, the remote memory impairment is milder in PDD than AD. Also, in contrast to AD in which more remote memories are relatively preserved, PDD affects recall of the various decades of a patient's life similarly (85). In contrast to nondemented patients with PD, patients with PDD typically perform poorly on most nondeclarative memory tasks (58).

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