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FIGURE 7 John Hunter. The celebrated physician, Hunter [painted by J. Reynolds (10)], was admired by Parkinson, who transcribed the surgeon's lectures in his 1833 publication called Hunter-ian Reminiscences (11). In these lectures, Hunter offered observations on tremor.The last sentence of Parkinson's Essay reads:

... but how few can estimate the benefits bestowed on mankind by the labours of Morgagni, Hunter or Baillie (8).

Currier has posited that Parkinson's own interest in tremor was first developed under the direct influence of Hunter (12).

FIGURE 8 James Parkinson's home. No. 1 Hoxton Square, London, formerly Shoreditch, today carries a plaque, honoring the birthplace of James Parkinson (13). The plaque that hangs by the entrance is shown close-up.
FIGURE 9 James Parkinson as paleontologist. An avid geologist and paleontologist, Parkinson, published numerous works on fossils, rocks, and minerals (14). He was an honorary member of the Wernerian Society of Natural History of Edinburgh and the Imperial Society of Naturalists of Moscow.

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