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There are several studies in the literature that show the usefulness of PT and rehabilitation in the management of PD patients (15-17); however, there is sparse evidence in the literature supportive of the effectiveness of PT and OT in the treatment of patients with PD. One Cochrane review included 11 trials (18). They identified several limitations in the studies, including small number of patients examined, methodological flaws, and the possibility of publication bias, resulting in insufficient evidence to support or refute the efficacy of PT in PD. Ten of the 11 trials claimed a positive effect from PT; however, few outcomes measured were statistically significant. Significant improvement was noted in walking speed and stride length in two studies. A randomized controlled trial assessed the efficacy of group PT in patients with PD and found benefits in the short term on function and quality of life (3). Another Cochrane review assessed different PT techniques and found seven randomized controlled trials. Small numbers and other methodological problems made it difficult to support or refute the efficacy of any given form of PT over another for PD (19).

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