The Parkinson's-Reversing Breakthrough

Natural Remedies for Parkinson Disease

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Much of this book describes accepted conventional therapies for the treatment of PD. The conventional therapies have been carefully studied and scrutinized by the scientific community. Complementary alternative medical approaches are not proven treatments for PD, as they have not been adequately studied. Therefore, which alternative therapies to recommend, especially by Western medical healthcare professionals, largely remains a mystery. The lack of scientific support for many alternative therapies does not, however, discredit their potential benefits. On the contrary, some CAM therapies may have a more important role of health promotion and though not proven to treat a particular symptom or aspect of PD, may in fact lessen the impact of PD by supporting the mind, body, and spiritual healing capabilities. The hope is that future scientific study using conventional medical standards will help define which CAM therapies should be considered for the treatment of PD in conjunction with accepted conventional therapies and that ultimately persons with PD will benefit by integration of the two into a more holistic health program.

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