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There is no scientific evidence to support the fundamentalist chiropractic theory that spinal manipulation is curative of any serious health condition including PD, and the National Council Against Health Fraud noted that the chiropractic profession has failed to make any significant contribution to the medical scientific community over the past 110 years of its existence. Despite that chiropractics is not a curative therapy for PD, it may have practical value in musculoskeletal symptom relief such as reduction of muscle spasms, pain, and increasing range of motion similar to physical therapies performed by osteopaths, physical therapists, sports trainers, massage therapists, and physiatrists. However, like all therapies, it is not without potential risks including possible stroke from tearing of the vertebral arteries worsening of malalignment of the vertebrae and subsequent pain, nerve root impingement or spinal cord compression, and a possible increase in pain and muscle spasms. Regarding the treatment of PD, there are no published studies to support chiropractic therapy and only one case report in the chiropractic literature (32).

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