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Atypical antipsychotics are typically used to treat psychosis in PD. Table 1 provides a summary of atypical antipsychotic studies in PD. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently asked all atypical antipsychotic manufacturers to add a boxed warning to their product labels, saying that atypical antipsychotics, when used in elderly patients with dementia, were associated with a higher risk of mortality (54). However, since the deaths were primarily due to cardiovascular or infectious causes, it is unclear how the atypical antipsychotics cause increased mortality. Since psychosis can be difficult to treat in PD, it is likely that these agents will continue to be utilized until a direct cause and effect relationship is uncovered.


Clozapine was the first atypical antipsychotic approved by the FDA, and is the only atypical antipsychotic that has been demonstrated to have better efficacy than typical



Number of patients


Number of psychosis improved

Number of PD worsened


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