Katarina Kimkov

Department of Experimental Botany and Genetics

Faculty of Science

P.J.Safarik University

Manesova 23

041 67 Kosice


Other volumes in preparation in Medicinal and Aromatic Plants—Industrial Profiles

Allium, edited by K.Chan

Aloes, edited by A.Dweck and R.George

Artemisia, edited by C.Wright

Cardamom, edited by P.N.Ravindran and K.J.Madusoodanan

Chamomile, edited by R.Franke and H.Schilcher

Cinnamon and Cassia, edited by P.N.Ravindran and S.Ravindran

Colchicum, edited by V.Simanek

Curcuma, edited by B.A.Nagasampagi and A.P.Purohit

Eucalyptus, edited by J.Coppen

Hypericum, edited by K.Berger Buter and B.Buter

Illicium and Pimpinella, edited by M.Miro Jodral

Kava, edited by Y.N.Singh

Licorice, by L.E.Craker, L.Kapoor and N.Mamedov

Plantago, edited by C.Andary and S.Nishibe

Salvia, edited by S.E.Kintzios

Stevia, edited by A.D.Kinghorn

Tea, edited by Y.S.Zhen

Tilia, edited by K.P.Svoboda and J.Collins

Thymus, edited by W.Letchamo, E.Stahl-Biskup and F.Saez

Trigonella, edited by G.A.Petropoulos

Urtica, by G.Kavalali

Viscum, edited by B.Bussing

This book is part of a series. The publisher will accept continuation orders which may be cancelled at any time and which provide for automatic billing and shipping of each title in the series upon publication. Please write for details.

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