References:- a=Shin and Lee (1980); &=Sohn et al., 1988); c=Kim et al. (1988); d=Choi and Kim (1985).

The reported data indicates that neutral lipids predominate with the glycolipids and phospholipids much more variable. The neutral lipids occurred in greatest amount in the cortex, suggesting that lipid ducts arose only in the cortex (Kim et al., 1988). Shin and Lee (1980) also reported that triglycerides formed 37.6-42.5 per cent of the neutral lipid fraction and sterol esters comprised 16.5-19.6 per cent. The predominant fatty acids in order of quantitative occurrence were linoleic, palmitic, oleic and linolenic.

Also present in ginseng roots are the epoxides of heptadecane which are usually called polyacetylenes. The polyacetylene panaxynol (1,9-cis-heptadecadiene-4,6-diyn-3-ol) (5-10) was obtained as a yellow oil (b.p. 115° C) from the higher boiling (110-150° C) fraction (Takahashi et al., 1966). The polyacetylenes panaxydol (9,10-epoxy-3-hydroxy-heptadeca-1-en-4,6-diyne) (5-11) (Poplawski et al., 1980) and heptadeca-1-en-4,6-diyn-3,9-diol (5-12) (Dabrowski et al., 1980) were subsequently isolated from an alcoholic extract of ginseng root and Kitigawa's team (1983b) extracted the related panaxytriol (hepta-1-en-4,6-diyn-3,9,10-triol) (5-13) from the ether soluble fraction of red ginseng.

(5-10) Panaxynol

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