principally protopanaxadiol-derived glycosides, the dominant compounds being ginsenosides Rb3 and Rc. Present were the ginsenosides Rb^ Rb3 and Rc together with gypenoside IX and the new notoginsenosides Fa, Fc and Fe (Table 5.25) (Yang et al., 1983). Himalayan ginseng also yielded mainly protopanaxadiol-type saponins with ginsenoside Rb3 being dominant; no notoginsenosides were reported (Tanaka and Yahara, 1978). The apparent dominance of panaxadiol-type saponins would seem to differentiate P. notoginseng leaves from the leaves of other common Panax spp. (Table 5.31).

The leaves also yielded the flavonoid glycoside quercetin-3-O-sophoroside (Wei and Wang, 1987).

Table 5.32. Recorded yields of saponins in Panax pseudoginseng=P. notoginseng flower buds



Recorded yield per cent

Ginsenoside Rb[


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