amount of protein (ca 3.27%) (Ohtani et al., 1987). This compound is a tissue macrophage (or reticuloendothelial) system potentiator.

Saponins of Panax notoginseng=pseudoginseng Corm

Matsuura et al. (1983) reported that the ginsenosides occurred in relatively high yields in the corms. The protopanaxadiol derived ginsenosides Rb1, Rb2 and Rd were found in yields of 5.2, 0.12 and 1.0 per cent respectively. The protopanaxatriol derived ginsenosides Re and Rg1 and notoginsenoside R1 occurred in yields of 0.63, 5.7 and 1.1 per cent respectively. As the corm is defined as a short underground shoot it can be regarded in this case as a condensed rhizome forming a very small part of the entire plant.

The reported occurrence of saponins in P. notoginseng rhizomes is confusing (Table 5.30). Studying the dammarane saponins, Yang et al. (1985) reported ginsenosides Rb1 and Rg1 as the most important compounds although ginsenosides Rd, Re, Rg2 and Rh1 and notoginsenosides R1, R2 and R4 were also present. Varieties himalaicum and major would seem to be closer to P. japonicus.

Saponins of Panax pseudoginseng=P. notoginseng=P. himalaicum Stems and Leaves

After acid hydrolysis of the leaf saponins and subsequent separation by column chromatography, the sapogenins panaxadiol, panaxatriol, dammar-20(22)-en-3^,12^,26-triol, 20('R)-dammarane-3p,12p,20,25-tetroland an oxepane artifact derived probably by acid catalysed dehydration and rearrangement of panaxadiol were isolated (Wei et al., 1984a). The leaves of Sanchi ginseng yielded

Table 5.30. Recorded yields of saponins of Panax pseudoginseng=P. notoginseng= P. himalaicum=P. major rhizomes


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