FIGURE 1-27A,B. (A) Photograph of a patient with Goldenhar's syndrome and incomplete cryptophthalmos of left eye. Cryptophthalmos consists of fusion of the upper lid to the cornea of the left eye. In addition to cryp-tophthalmos, patient has bilateral upper lid colobomas and left inferior limbal dermoid. (B) Close-up view of the left eye shows upper lid coloboma and cryptophthalmos with upper lid adhesion to the cornea and conjunctiva and inferior dermoid cyst.

fibrovascular tissue rather than clear cornea. The anterior segment is often abnormal, having a small or absent lens and anomalies of the iris or ciliary body. When associated with microphthalmia and anterior segment dysgenesis, this developmental abnormality is initiated at the optic vesicle stage with secondary effects on neural crest and surface ectoderm. In the rare cases where the globe and anterior segment are normal, cryptophthalmos could be caused by an abnormality in surface ectoderm.

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