Professional Organizations and Publications

Many public and private organizations offer a variety of health, nutritional, educational, transportation, and related services to older adults. The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the most prominent of these organizations are given by Aiken (1995, p. 419). Information on other organizations concerned with aging and the aged may be found in the Encyclopedia of Associations (1994).

A list of journals that publish a substantial number of research articles on adult development and aging each year is given in Table 1_1. Several of these journals are published by professional organizations such as the American Geriatrics Society and the Gerontological Society of America. The memberships of other organizations, such as the American Association of Retired Persons, are not limited to professionals concerned with adult development and aging but welcome applications from persons in all walks of life.

Many of the professional associations of behavioral and biological scientists in the United States are concerned with the problems of aging. Several divisions of the American Psychological Association, for example, are concerned with research and practice on problems of adulthood and aging. Included among these are the Divisions of Developmental Psychology, Per-

Table 1-1 Journals Containing the Largest Number of Articles on Adult Development

Adult Education Quarterly American Behavioral Scientist American Journal of Orthopsychiatry American Journal of Psychiatry American Journal of Psychoanalysis Annual Review of Psychology Contributions to Human Development Counseling and Values Counseling Psychologist Developmental Psychobiology Developmental Psychology Developmental Review Educational Gerontology Experimental Aging Research Generations Geriatrics Gerontologist

Hiroshima Forum for Psychology Human Development Human Relations

International Journal of Aging and Human

Development International Journal of Behavioral

Development Journal ofApplied Gerontology Journal of Genetic Psychology Journal ofGeriatric Psychiatry and

Neurology Journal ofGerontology Journal of Marriage and the Family Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Journal ofReligion and Health Journal ofthe American Geriatric Society Omega Journal ofDeath and Dying Psychiatry

Psychological Reports

Psychology and Aging

Psychology of Women Quarterly


Social Problems

Vocational Guidance Quarterly sonality and Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Adult Development and Aging, Psychology of Women, Health Psychology, Family Psychology, and Exercise and Sport Psychology.

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