Love And Loving

Freud was wrong. Love is not merely the diversion or sublimation of the sex drive into more socially acceptable feelings of tenderness and affection. Rather than being a substitute for sex, feelings of love between two people are often kindled and intensified by sexual stimulation and intercourse (Dermer & Pyszczynski, 1978).

Considering how much has been written, said, and sung about the topic of love, it may seem strange that so little scientific effort has been directed toward understanding it. For years, psychological researchers avoided the topic, feeling perhaps that Freud had the last word or that "love" was only romantic nonsense, fit for entertainment and youthful fantasizing but not worthy of serious scientific study. During the past few decades, however, motivated to some extent by investigations of human sexual behavior, research on love has become more acceptable and progress has been made in understanding it.

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