Income Employment and Retirement

From the very beginning of our existence, we need many different things in order to survive and grow. Some of these things, according to the old song the best things, are free, but others have a price. When we are children, our parents and other responsible people who care for us make certain that we receive at least the minimum amount of nourishment and attention required for our comfort and development. But as we mature, a quid pro quo situation, in which we are expected to give something in return for what we get, occurs. At first these "payments" are little things, such as cleaning our room, doing our homework, or helping mother or father with some chore. As we grow into adolescents and young adults, however, most of us are expected to prepare ourselves for a lifetime of work and actually begin our 40-year labors. In addition to providing feelings of accomplishment and self-satisfaction, working in an occupation or pursuing a career is rewarded with money, a medium that can be exchanged for what we absolutely require for survival as well as providing the means to indulge our interests in many other objects and experiences.

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