Concepts And Foundations

If we define an adult as a person who has reached 20 years of age, it is clear that A, B, C, and D are adults and E, F, and G have not yet attained that status. In addition to being defined in terms of chronological age, however, the concept of adulthood can be viewed from a biological, legal, psychological, economic, and even a social or cultural perspective. From a biological or physical perspective, an adult is a person who is fully grown. This definition takes into account the fact that different people grow at different rates, and that physical maturity may be attained at age 15 by one person, age 20 by another person, or even age 25 or later by another. At a more refined level, biology recognizes that physical growth also varies with the particular organ or organ system. The reproductive system, for example, usually ages and matures more rapidly than the nervous system.

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