Now you are ready to fill your garden with GroRox or clean pea sized gravel. Fill it up to within two inches of the top. Fill the system with nutrient solution according to the directions that came with your nutrients. Try to add one gallon at a time and mark off the level on the dipstick so at a glance you will know how much remains in the system.

To insert your plants, simply dig a hole as deep as the seedlings roots have grown and carefully backfill around them. Make sure you get their roots down deep enough so they are getting wet. Water from above for a few days till they adjust. Once your seedlings or rooted cuttings have been planted, you should run the air pump for one hour every four hours or so - or just leave it on constantly.

ALWAYS MAKE SURE THE NUTRIENT LEVEL IS SUFFICIENT! - Growing outdoors in high heat and direct sunlight will cause your plants to go through a lot of nutrient and since this system is not a closed cyclic type, you will lose some to evaporation.

Growing Soilless

Growing Soilless

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