Zinc flux, glutamate neurotoxicity, 53

Color Plate 1, Fig. 1. (See full caption and discussion in Chapter 1, p. 4). Example of physiological roles of mGluRs at the Schaffer collateral synapse in CA1 in the hippocampus.

Color Plate 2, Fig. 3. (See full caption and discussion in Chapter 1, p. 9). Glutamate receptor topology and crystal structure of the agonist-binding pocket.

Color Plate 3, Fig. 1. (See discussion in Chapter 2, p. 25). A representation of the NMDA receptor with associated binding and regulatory domains.

Color Plate 4, Fig. 1. (See full caption and discussion in Chapter 5, p. 72). Current model of NMDA receptor-associated neuronal injury. Schematic illustration of NMAR-related signaling pathways that lead to neuronal apoptosis and may contribute to neurodegenerative disease, including HIV-associated dementia.

Series Editors: Ralph Lydic and Helen A. Baghdoyan

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