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PPD, see Preprodynorphin PPE, see Preproenkephalin Prefrontal cortex (PFC), glutamate neurotransmission in limbic system, 172, 173 motive circuit, neuronal electrophysiology, 146, 147 neurotransmitter release, 148 metabotropic glutamate receptors, 157, 161,163

Preproenkephalin (PPE), striatal neuron expression regulation by metabotropic glutamate receptors, 157, 161, 163 Protein kinase B (PKB), alcohol effects on phospholipid signaling, 364, 366

Protein kinase C (PKC), alcohol activation, 362 opioid tolerance and dependence role, autoradiographical and immuno-cytochemical evidence, 285 behavioral evidence, 284, 286 electrophysiological evidence, 284,

285,310 signaling model, 308-310 spinal cord model of ^-opioid tolerance studies, 286-288

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