Kainate receptor, activation, 14 alcohol effects, mechanism of action, 351 overview, 350, 351 sensitivity modulation, 351, 352 subunit sensitivity, 351 withdrawal kindling role, 381-383 desensitization modulators, 15-16 ligands, 37, 38

maturational regulation and neuroplasticity, 66

morphological changes in brain, 357-360 neuropsychological effects in alcoholics,

359, 360, 393 phosphorylation, 11 splice and editing variants, 8-9 subunits, 6-7, 66, 145 types, 37

Ketamine, ethanol-like effects, 389, 390 N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor binding, 24, 26

Kynurenic acid, opiate withdrawal studies, 330

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