D-CPP-ene, A-methyl-d-aspartate receptor binding, 30

DCQX, cocaine convulsant effect treatment, 249 cocaine lethality treatment, 253 Dependence, definition, 295

51, subunits, 6

52, subunits, 6 Dextromethorphan, cocaine addiction studies, 175

opioid dependence, phase II trials, 263, 265

Dizocipline, see MK-801 DNQX, cocaine addiction studies, 175 kainate receptor binding, 37 psychomotor stimulant studies, behavioral sensitization and induced stereo-typy mediation by dopamine, glutamate, and y-aminobutyric acid system interactions, 113-115

Dopamine, amphetamine locomotor sensitization role, 184, 186 cocaine-induced conditioned increases in locomotor activity, 84, 85, 101

meso-accumbens pathway for addiction, 143, 144

methamphetamine neurotoxicity and glutamate mediation, 211, 212, 214,215, 220,221 phosphorylation of glutamate receptors, mediation, 130 psychomotor stimulant sensitization and self-administration, glutamate-dopamine interactions, 188190, 193, 194 Dopamine receptor, motor activity regulation by striatal metabotropic glutamate receptors, 159, 160

psychomotor stimulants, behavioral sensiti-zation and induced stereotypy mediation by dopamine, glutamate, and g-aminobutyric acid system interactions, intracortical drug effects, agonist-antagonist interactions, 120-122 agonists, 119, 120 antagonists, 118, 119 intrastriatal drug effects, agonist-antagonist interactions,

117,118 antagonists, 115-117 overview, 122-124

study design, 107, 108 systemic antagonist effects, qualitative data, 108-111 quantitative data, 111-115 types, 145

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Defeat Drugs and Live Free

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