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IPCCs Work in Science Applications and in Social Sciences

Because of this some have argued that the IPCC should not become engaged in analysis in these social science areas. The IPCC has consistently refused to accept that argument, believing that a great deal of useful technical supporting work needs to be done in providing analyses of some of the economic or political options which might be taken up in response to the impact of climate change. Further, it is a great advantage if this work is pursued outside government agencies or other political institutions. Such analyses are essential input for international negotiations regarding the options and essential preparation for decision making.

Organisations and Agreements

GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the outcome of the 1986-94 Uruguay Round negotiations, is the WTO's principal rule-book for trade in goods. The agreement created new rules for dealing with trade in services, relevant aspects of intellectual property, dispute settlement and trade policy reviews. http PCT Patent Co-operation Treaty was agreed upon in 1970 and has been ratified by 100 countries, including all those of the developed world. http www. patsintf.htm

Introduction And Caution

This chapter seeks to summarize the fine structure of three of the essential cell types found in the heart cardiac muscle cells (also called ''myocardial cells'' or cardiomyocytes ), vascular smooth muscle cells (for which a more inclusive term is ''periendothelial cells''), and endothelial cells. The first cell category constitutes most of the heart's mass, whereas the remaining two make up the walls of the heart's extensive system of blood vessels. My long-term mentor, colleague, and friend, Nick Sperelakis, spent a fair amount of time persuading me to prepare this chapter. All during the course of our negotiations, I argued that my own day-to-day involvement with the subject of cardiovascular ultrastructure had ceased a decade ago. My misgivings became even more profound when I found that my two chapters from the previous editions of this book would require abbreviation into one, with a consideration of endothelial cells added, no less, and the entire work sufficiently generalized...

Entitlement And Ethics Economics And Incommensurability

Hence in the Uruguay Round of the GATT, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, intellectual property rights were brought into international trade negotiations for the first time, largely at the instigation of the United States. After strenuous lobbying from industrial interests, particularly those of the multinational pharmaceutical companies, the United States succeeded in imposing its criteria for patent protection over resistance from developing countries whose view of appropriate intellectual property rights and entitlements differed markedly. The GATT negotiations were completed in December 1993 and ratified in Morocco in April 1994. They resulted in TRIPs Trade Related Intellectual Property rights whereby in order to participate in world trade networks, countries had to agree to United States style intellectual property legal structures (Byrne, 1995, Leaffer, 1991, Reichman, 1995).

Medicare Bill Represents Success for Pharmaceutical Lobby

No industry in negotiations over the 400 billion Medicare prescription drug bill headed to the House floor today outpaced the pharmaceutical lobby in securing a favorable program design and defeating proposals most likely to cut into profits, according to analysts in and out of the industry.

Legal And Ethical Challenges

We discuss laws and regulations that promote data exchange in Part II of this book. In this section, we discuss the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Although the Privacy Rule was crafted to allow exchanges of data for purposes of public health surveillance (it exempts these exchanges explicitly from its scope), this rule often comes up during negotiations with holders of personal health information (PHI) (insurers, pharmacists, and healthcare systems). We also discuss the field of ethics, with principles related to privacy, confidentiality, and the tradeoff between public and individual interests that underlie many discussions of newer types of data.

Advancing Organizational Integration Negotiation Data Use Agreements Law and Ethics

In this chapter, we first concentrate on negotiating data use agreements (DUAs). Documents of this type can be called by other names than data use agreements, but regardless of the name, they are documents that legally govern use, care, and confidentiality of data. DUA negotiations are set in the general context of existing laws and regulations (which may not explicitly require the desired data or service) thus, negotiators oftentimes find themselves considering fundamental ethical principles related to privacy and confidentiality in reaching agreements. For this reason, we discuss ethical principles that constrain negotiations. We provide a brief discussion at the end of this chapter on service agreements, which are expanded DUAs that may specify reliability of provisioning of data and services such as testing of patients. This section discusses general principles, specific strategies, and documents that we have found useful when negotiating agreements for data exchange. In our...

Specific Multicultural Issues

Of marianismo could also lead to significant risks for HIV disease (Medrano & Klopner, 1992 Boyd-Franklin et al., 1995). For example, Hispanic women who believe in the machismo-marianismo demarcation would not negotiate safesex practices with their husband or boyfriends because of a fear of rejection. An attempt to engage in such negotiations might also lead to physical abuse and verbal abuse (Medrano & Klopner, 1992).

Gender in Demography Increasing Attention

Women's status, on domestic violence, and modules for male respondents. While such modules are used only in selected countries, their development and use in such a large-scale survey endeavor are indicative of the understanding of the ways that gender is central in demographic change. In addition to the inclusion of these questions and modules, the researchers at DHS and its affiliates have focused on gender in their analyses and reports. For example, researchers at DHS (Blanc et al. 1996) reported on an experimental survey designed to measure the strategies and negotiations that women in Uganda use to achieve their reproductive goals. Using data from a DHS module on women's status in Egypt, Kishor (1994) reported on both the strengths and weaknesses of the survey measures and the survey's findings.

Ich Genotoxicity Guidances

Genotoxicity was selected as an ICH topic at the first ICH conference, which held in November 1991 in Brussels. After the nomination of the genotoxicity experts for the six parties, the first meeting of the EWG took place in Tokyo, Japan in December 1992. Existing regulations or routine operating processes in the three ICH regions served as the basis for harmonization work. Hence, the ICH genotoxicity guidances are an evolution of the pre-existing guidances in Japan and the EU and a crystallization of the FDA genotoxicity postulates. As an initial approach to harmonization, the ICH genotoxicity EWG identified areas of disharmony and differences in regulation with respect to genotoxicity in the three regions. It was decided to prioritize the guidance effort by generating the first of two guidances, namely, the guidance on Specific Aspects of Regulatory Genotoxicity Tests for Pharmaceuticals (ICH S2A, where S stands for safety, 2 for the topic, genotoxicity). This guidance was finalized...

The Romantic Authorcreatorentrepreneur Paradigm In Intellectual Property

Such arguments over what ought to be able to be patented are not new. They have haunted the history of intellectual property law. Only some of the actors have changed parts. The negotiations during the attempts to arrive at the first International Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property rehearsed the same incommensurabilities the industrialised countries favouring higher intellectual property protection while the developing countries fought for compulsory licensing or exemptions from patentability on ethical grounds. 'Battailles tres chauds' took place over whether chemical products, pharmaceutical preparations and foodstuffs should be patentable (Penrose, 1951 at 51-4). Contemporary conflicts over the access, acquisition and control of genetic information in relation to intellectual property rights are directly comparable. Historically, since the first patent systems of the 1400s, a contested issue has been whether a patent system is desirable and, if so, how far it can...

Service Agreements

Unwilling to agree to provide more than best effort reliability at data provisioning. Reliable and timely exchange of data is important therefore, we expect it to be an increasingly important subject in negotiations of data use service agreement. As a concrete example of other services that may be the subject of negotiations, consider the efforts of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) to obtain investigation services from the healthcare system. As discussed in Chapter 23, DOHMH operates a syndromic surveillance system that monitors ED visits for gastrointestinal and other syndromes. When this system finds an anomalous number of cases, DOHMH investigates. Balter et al. (2005) reported that efforts to persuade EDs to augment their specimen collections have not succeeded because these laboratory studies typically do not affect clinical care and incur added effort, cost, and burden of tracking results. They also report having piloted sending specimen...

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