Symposium on Genetics and tuberculosis, held at the Sports Science Institute, CapeTown, South Africa on 18-20 November 1997

Editors: Derek J. Chadwick (Organiser) and Gail Cardew D. \oung Introduction 1

R. J. Bellamy and A. V. S. Hill Host genetic susceptibility to human tuberculosis 3

Discussion 13

P. R. Donald The epidemiology of tuberculosis in South Africa 24

Discussion 35

P. C. Hopewell Using conventional and molecular epidemiological analyses to target tuberculosis control interventions in a low incidence area 42 Discussion 54

P. E. M. Fine Vaccines, genes and trials 57

Discussion 69

G. A. W. Rook and R. Hernandez-Pando Immunological and endocrinological characteristics of tuberculosis that provide opportunities for immunotherapeutic intervention 73 Discussion 87

B. Johnson, L.-G. Bekker, S. Ress and G. Kaplan Recombinant interleukin 2 adjunctive therapy in multidrug-resistant tuberculosis 99

Discussion 106

I. Orme Cellular and genetic mechanisms underlying susceptibility of animal models to tuberculosis infection 112

Discussion 117

I. Kramnik, P. Demant and B. B. Bloom Susceptibility to tuberculosis as a complex genetic trait: analysis using recombinant congenic strains of mice 120

Discussion 132

Nopartis 217: Genetics and Tuberculosis.

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