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Living your best life means living up to your potential. Living up to your potential means that you actually do the things you hope to do one day NOW, instead of driving them away for some magical time in the future. If you are reading this, it is because you know you are able to do more. You have dreams and aspirations and you are almost ready to create the life you want. Living your life better also means living a balanced life. Balance is a fundamental part of healthy living. Wisely managing time and energy, you nurture every aspect of yourself, your body, your mind, and your spirit. Also, living your best life begins with appreciating the fact that you are alive. Realizing that life is a gift and that every day is a blessing is the foundation upon which you build the life you desire.The exposed product of living your best living product is a step-by-step manual for everyone. The product has been said to be beneficial to many people around the world. It takes courage to create the life you want. By exploring and honoring what you desire for yourself, you will discover that this means breaking some old habits and making changes in your life. These changes may include moving away from friendships and other relationships that no longer support your growth and goals. Continue reading...

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Concurrent Sound Segregation

In everyday situations, it is fairly unusual to have concurrent sound objects emanating from the same physical location, as was the case in the vowel segregation study. Sounds that radiate from different physical sources are also likely to be coming from different directions, and the auditory system must decide whether several sound sources are active or whether there is only one sound source with the second source being generated by the first's reflection from nearby surfaces. Hence, in addition to spectral cues, directional cues alone or in conjunction with spectral and temporal cues can also be used to break apart the incoming acoustic wave into separate concurrent auditory objects. For example, early and now classical work has shown that increasing the spatial separation between two concurrent messages improves performance in identifying the task-relevant message (Cherry, 1953 Treisman, 1964). Another task that has been helpful in investigating a binaural advantage in sound...

Evidencebased Psychotherapy With Older People

Engels & Verney (1997) reviewed 17 psychological outcome studies for late-life depression published from 1974 to 1992. Like the studies used by Scogin & McElreath (1994), treatments were broadly psychosocial and including cognitive therapy, behaviour therapy, psychodynamic therapy, bibliotherapy, reminiscence life review, music therapy, physical training and anger expression. The calculation of a combined mean effect size for the range of therapies used by Engels & Verney (1997) in their analyses meets with the same objections raised in relation to the Scogin & McElreath (1994) study. The mean effect size calculated in this meta-analysis was moderate at 0.63, although lower than other reported effect sizes. On average older adults receiving psychosocial treatment for depression are better off than 74 of older people not receiving treatment. Not all of the studies included in the analysis by Engels & Verney (1997) had control conditions but, of the 13 studies that did include a...


American Music Therapy Association Available from the World Wide Web http Carruth, E. (1997). The effects of singing and the spaced retrieval technique on improving face-name recognition in nursing home residents with memory loss. Journal of Music Therapy, 34(3), 165-186. Kydd, P. (2001). Using music therapy to help a client with Alzheimer's disease adapt to long-term care. American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias, 16(2), 103-108.

Sensory Therapies

Music Therapy Auditory integration therapy should not be confused with music therapy, for which there are some indications of modest individual benefits. Hooper & Lindsay (1990) and Hooper, Lindsay & Richardson (1991), using experimental designs borrowed from applied behaviour analysis, have shown improvements in interactional skills and reduction in behaviour problems during and after individual and group music therapy sessions. These changes were modest, but were not evident in a non-directive control condition, drinking tea with the therapist. However the experimental designs were not sufficiently robust and one cannot conclude that music therapy had any specific impact on behaviour.


A number of psychological interventions have been tried in asthma including counselling (Bailey et al., 1990), autogenic training (Henry et al., 1993), relaxation and music therapy (Lehrer et al., 1994) and CBT (Kotses, 1995). In addition, education, medication management and hypnosis have been used. Doubt has been cast on the efficacy of education self-management and hypnosis (Gibson, 2002 Hackman, 2000).

Consensus Panels

The panel was also clear on the effectiveness of other interventions. Floor time, sensory integration therapy, music therapy, touch therapy, auditory integration therapy, facilitated communication, hormone therapies, immunological therapies, anti-yeast therapies, vitamin therapies and dietary therapies were all specifically not recommended for use with children with autism and pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) aged 0 to 3 years There was no evidence base to support their use.

Binaural Beats Healing

Binaural Beats Healing

Heal Yourself With Powerful Binaural Beats. If you search the Net for binaural beats you'll promptly discover there's a whole industry built upon the idea that listening to binaural beats may produce all sorts of desired effects in your brain.

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