Fibrocartilage consists of chondrocytes and their matrix material in combination within dense connective tissue

Fibrocartilage is a combination of dense regular connective tissue and hyaline cartilage. The chondrocytes are dispersed among the collagen fibers, singly, in rows, and in isogenous groups (Fig. 7.9). They are similar in appearance to the chondrocytes of hyaline cartilage, but there is considerably less matrix material associated witJujiem, and there is no surrounding perichondrium__as in hyaline and elastic cartilage. In a section containing fibrocartilage, a population of cells with rounded nuclei and a small amount of surrounding amorphous matrix material is typically seen. These nuclei belong to the chondrocytes. Within the fibrous areas are nuclei that are flattened or elongated. These are fibroblast nuclei.

Fibrocartilage is typically present in intervertebral discs, the symphysis pubis, articular discs of the sternoclavicular and temporomandibular joints, menisci of the knee joint,

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