Tubes of the Nephron

The tubular segments of the nephron are named according to the course that they take (convoluted or straight), location (proximal or distal), and wall thickness (thick or thin)

Beginning from Bowman's capsule, the sequential parts of the nephron consist of the following tubules:

• Proximal convoluted tubule originates from the urinary pole of Bowman's capsule. It follows a very tortuous or convoluted course and then enters the medullary ray to continue as the proximal straight tubule.

• Proximal straight tubule, commonly referred to as the thick descending limb of the loop of Henle, descends into the medulla.

• Thin descending limb is the continuation of the proximal straight tubule within the medulla. It makes a hairpin turn and returns toward the cortex.

capsule distal convoluted tubule cortex cortex ureter section enlarged at right renal pelvis medullary rays

ascending and descending limbs of loops of Henle duct of Bellini proximal convoluted tubule macula densa medullary ray (contains only straight tubules)

collecting tubule papilla

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