Supporting Tissues of the Teeth

Supporting tissues of the teeth include the alveolar bone of the alveolar processes of the maxilla and mandible, periodontal ligaments, and gingiva.

The alveolar processes of the maxilla and mandible contain the sockets or alveoli for the roots of the teeth

The alveolar bone proper, a thin layer of compact bone, forms the wall of the alveolus (see Fig. 15.7) and is the bone to which the periodontal ligament is attached. The rest of the alveolar process consists of supporting bone.

The surface of the alveolar bone proper usually shows regions of bone resorption and bone deposition, particularly when a tooth is being moved (Fig. 15.20). Periodontal disease usually leads to loss of alveolar bone, as does the absence of functional occlusion of a tooth with its normal opposing tooth.

Tissues Teeth

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