Structure of the Testis

The testes have an unusually thick connective tissue capsule, the tunica albugínea

An unusually thick, dense connective tissue capsule, the tunica albugínea, covers each testis (Fig. 21.4). The inner part of this capsule, the tunica vasculosa, is a loose connective tissue layer that contains blood vessels. Each testis is divided into approximately 250 lobules by incomplete connective tissue septa that project from the capsule.

Along the posterior surface of the testis, the tunica albugínea thickens and projects inward as the mediastinum testis. Blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and the genital ex-current ducts pass through the mediastinum as they enter or leave the testis.

seminiferous tubule septum

Gonad Cell

efferent ductules ductus deferens body of epididymis mediastinum testis rete testis

tunica albuginea tunica vaginalis

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