Overview of Cell Structure Cytoplasm 19 Membranous Organelles 20 Nonmembranous Organelles 45

Clinical Correlations: Abnormalities in Microtubules and Filaments 55 Nucleus 60 Cell Renewal 68 Cell Cycle 68 Cell Death 72

Tissues: Concept and Classification vii Connective Tissue 80 •x Muscle Tissue 80 Nerve Tissue 81

Clinical Correlations: Ovarian Teratomas 82 Identifying Tissues 84

Epithelial Tissue 86

Overview of Epithelial Structure and Function 87 Classification of Epithelium 88 Cell Polarity 90

The Apical Domain and Its Modifications 90

Clinical Correlations: Immotile Cilia Syndrome 95 The Lateral Domain and Its Specializations in Cell-to-Cell

Adhesion 96 The Basal Domain and Its Specializations in Cell-to-

Extracellular Matrix Adhesion 104 Functional Considerations: Basement Membrane and Basal

Lamina Terminology 107 Glands 111

Histogenesis of Epithelium 114 Epithelial Cell Renewal 116

Functional Considerations: Mucous and Serous Membranes 117

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