Cells to Which Bound via Fc Region

Macrophages, B cells, NK cells, neutrophils, eosinophils,

B cells

B cells

B cells

Mast cells, basophils

Major Functions

Principal Ig in secondary immune response; the longest half-life (23 days) of all five Igs; activates complement; stimulates chemotaxis; crosses placenta, providing the newborn with passive immunity

Principal Ig produced during primary immune response; the most efficient Ig in fixing complement; activates macrophages; serves as Ag receptor of B lymphocytes.

Ig present in body secretions, including tears, colostrum, saliva, and vaginal fluid, and in the secretions of the nasal cavity, bronchi, intestine, and prostate; provides protection against the proliferation of microorganisms in these fluids and aids in the defense against microbes and foreign molecules penetrating the body via the cells lining these cavities Acts as an antigen receptor (together with IgM) on the surface of mature B lymphocytes (only traces in serum)

Stimulates mast cells to release histamine, heparin, leukotrienes, SRS-AC, and eosinophil chemotactic factor of anaphylaxis; is responsible for anaphylactic hypersensitivity reactions; increased levels in parasitic infections

"IgM found in serum as a pentameric molecule. BlgA found in serum as dimeric molecule. cSlow-reacting substance of anaphylaxis.

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