external capsule.

the encapsulated, fluid-filled receptor. In one bundle, several of the spindle cells are cut at the level that reveals their nuclei. An internal capsule surrounds the spindle cells. The external capsule of the muscle spindle and the adjacent perimysium can be seen as a faint dou-ble-layer boundary of the receptor. Immediately above and outside of the muscle spindle is a nerve that may be supplying the spindle. The several types of nerves associated with the spindle cells as well as the type of spindle cells cannot be distinguished in this H&E-stained section. Near one of the bundles of spindle cells is a small blood vessel. The flocculent material within the capsule consists of precipitated proteoglycans and glycoproteins from the fluid that filled the spindle before fixation. x550.

subcapsular space y 2 efferent fiber nuclei internal capsule nuclear bag fiber nuclear trail ending of y3 efferent fiber

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