Electron micrograph of erythrocytes seen in different planes. The donut-shaped erythrocyte represents a section cut in a plane parallel to the diameter of the cell but missing its center. The plane of section is represented by the blue line in the adjacent erythrocyte; thus, the "hole in the donut" is the area represented by the segment of the line that is outside the cell. The third erythrocyte has a smaller diameter than its neighbor because the section passed in a plane represented by the line passing through the donut-shaped erythrocyte. x8,000.

ing through very narrow capillaries. The large round structures are adipose cells (A). x470. b. Scanning electron micrograph of erythrocytes collected in a blood tube. Note the concave shape of the cells. The stacks of erythrocytes in these preparations are not unusual and are referred to as rouleau. Such formations in vivo indicate an increased level of plasma immunoglobulin, x2,800.

actin trypomyosin adductin spectrin

protein 4.2

protein 4.9 protein 4.1

glycophorin C ankyrin band 3

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