Figure 5 ovary monkey HE x120

Additional atretic follicles (AF) are shown here. Again, some show remnants of a zona pellucida (ZP), and two show a glassy membrane (arrows). Note that even though

(see Fig. 4). The two larger, more advanced follicles do not display the remains of a zona pellucida, but they do display other features of follicular atresia.

membrane. Thus, the glassy membrane (arrows) separates an outer layer of remaining theca interna cells from the degenerating inner follicular cells. The remaining theca interna cells may show cytologic integrity (RTI); these intact theca cells remain temporarily functional in steroid secretion.

the atresia in these follicles is well advanced, some of the cells external to one of the glassy membranes still retain their epithelioid character (arrowhead). These are persisting theca interna cells.

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