Figure 44

Molecular structure of stereocilia. a. Electron micrograph of stereo-cilia from the epididymis. The cytoplasmic projections are similar to microvilli, but they are extremely long, x 20,000. b. Schematic diagram showing the molecular structure of stereocilia. They arise from the apical cell protrusions, having thick stem portions that are inter connected by cytoplasmic bridges. Note the distribution of actin filaments within the core of the stereocilium and the actin-associated proteins: fimbrin and erzin in the elongated portion (enlarged box), and a-actinin in the terminai web and apical cell protrusion.

apical cell protrusion actin filament stem fimbrin erzin fimbrin erzin cytoplasmic bridge actin filaments

Pseudostratified Squamous Epithelium
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