Figure 417

Photomicrographs showing serial sections of intestinal glands of the colon. The glands in this specimen have been cross-sectioned and appear as round profiles, a. This specimen was stained with H8E. Note that neither the basement membrane nor the mucin that is located within the goblet cells is stained. x550. b. This section was

stained by the PAS method. It reveals the basement membrane as a thin, magenta layer (arrows) between the base of the epithelial cells of the glands and the adjacent connective tissue. The mucin within the goblet cells is also PAS-positive. x550.

cle cells (Fig. 4.18); this helps to delineate them from the surrounding connective tissue in histologic sections. Connective tissue cells other than adipocytes do not show a similar PAS-positive or silver reaction. That most connective tissue cells are not surrounded by basement membrane material is consistent with their lack of adhesion to the connective tissue fibers. In fact, they must migrate within the tissue under appropriate stimuli to function.

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