Nerve tissue, a. A Ma I lory-stained section of a peripheral nerve. Nerve tissue consists of a vast number of thread-like myelinated axons held together by connective tissue. The axons have been cross-sectioned and appear as small, red, dot-like structures. The clear space surrounding the axons previously contained myelin that was dissolved and lost during preparation of the specimen. The connective tissue is stained blue. It forms a delicate network around the myelinated ax

ons and ensheathes the bundle, thus forming a structural unit, the nerve. X270. b. An Azan-stained section of a nerve ganglion, showing the large, spherical nerve cell bodies and the nuclei of the small satellite cells that surround the nerve cell bodies. The axons associated with the nerve cell bodies are unmyelinated. They are seen as nerve fiber bundles (NFB) between clusters of the cell bodies. x270.

It is of clinical interest that, under certain conditions, abnormal differentiation may occur. The result is formation of a tumor mass that contains a variety of mature tissues arranged in an unorganized fashion. Such masses are referred to as teratomas. Teratomas almost always occur in the gonads. In the ovary, these tumors usually develop into solid masses that contain characteristics of the mature basic tissues. Although the tissues fail to form functional structures, frequently organ-like structures may be seen, i.e., teeth, hair, epidermis, bowel segments, etc. These tissues are thought to arise through parthenogenic oocyte development. Teratomas may also develop in the testis, but they are rare. Moreover, ovarian teratomas are usually benign, whereas teratomas in the testis are

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