Figure 2419

Electron micrograph of an inner and outer hair cell. a. Observe the rounded base and constricted neck of the inner hair cell. Nerve endings (NE) from afferent nerve fibers (AF) to the inner hair cells are seen basally. IP, inner pillar cell; IPH, inner phalangeal cell. x6,300. b. Afferent (AF) and efferent (EF) nerve fiber endings on the base of an outer sensory hair cell are evident. Outer phalangeal cells (OPH) sur

round the outer hair cells basally. Their apical projections form the apical cuticular plate (ACP). Note that the lateral domains in the middle third of the outer hair cells are not surrounded by supporting cells, x6,300. (From Kimura RS. Sensory and accessory epithelia of the cochlea. In: Friedmann I, Ballantyne J, eds. Ultrastructural Atlas of the Inner Ear. London: Butterworths, 1984.)

apical cuticular plate phalangeal process facet for outer hair cell outer phalangeal cell basilar membrane

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