Figure 238

Structure of the iris. a. This schematic diagram shows the layers of the iris. Note that the pigmented epithelial cells are reflected as occurs at the pupillary margin of the iris. The two layers of pigmented epithelial cells are in contact with the dilator pupillae muscle. The incomplete layer of fibroblasts and stromal melanocytes is indicated on the anterior surface of the iris. b. Photomicrograph of the iris showing the histologic features of this structure. The lens, which lies posterior to the iris, is included for orientation. The iris is composed of a connective tissue stroma covered on its posterior surface by the posterior pigment epithelium. The basal lamina (not visible) faces the rom àldfÇ ^ " 2> " melanocytes connective,-|[ tissue!;

smooth muscle,>


^itneliïïm ridges and grooves fibroblasts fibroblasts and melanocytes loose connective tissue epithelial cells myoepithelial cells g

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