Figure 2232

Photomicrographs of a section through the female nipple, a. This low-magnification micrograph of a H&E-stained sagittal section through the nipple shows the wrinkled surface contour, a thin stratified squamous epithelium, and associated sebaceous glands (arrows). The core of the nipple consists of dense connective tissue, smooth muscle bundles, and the lactiferous ducts that open at the nipple surface. x6. b. The wall of one of the lactiferous ducts is shown here at higher magnification. Its epithelium is stratified cuboidal, consisting of two cell layers. As it approaches the tip of the nipple it changes to a stratified squamous epithelium and becomes continuous with the epidermis. xl75. c. A higher magnification of the sebaceous gland from the rectangle in a. Note how the glandular epithelium is continuous with the epidermis (arrows) and the sebum is being secreted onto the epidermal surface. x90. d. A higher magnification showing bundles of smooth muscle in longitudinal and cross-sectional profiles. X350.

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