Figure 2218

Photomicrographs of the uterine lining in proliferative, secretory, and menstrual phases of the menstrual cycle, a. The upper panel shows the endometrium at the proliferative phase of the cycle. During this phase the stratum functional (separated by the clashed line from the stratum basale) greatly thickens. xl5. The lower panel shows at higher magnification the endometrial glands that extend from the stratum basale to the surface. x55. b. The upper panel shows the endometrium at the secretory phase of the cycle. The glands have acquired a corkscrew shape as the endometrium increases further in thickness. The stratum basale (below the dashed line) exhibits less dramatic changes in morphology. x20. The lower panel shows uterine glands that have been cut in a plane that is close to their long axes. Note the pronounced corkscrew shape of the glands and mucous secretion (arrows). x60. c. The upper panel shows the stratum functional (above the dashed line). Much of the stratum functionate has degenerated and sloughed away. xl5. The lower panel shows the ex-travasated blood and necrosis of the stratum functionate. x55.

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