Figure 2214

Relationship of morphologic and physiologic events that occur in the menstrual cycle. This diagram illustrates the relation of the morphologic changes in the endometrium and ovary to the pituitary and ovarian blood hormone levels that occur during the men strual cycle. The pituitary and ovarian hormones and their plasma concentrations are indicated in arbitrary units. LH, luteinizing hormone; FSH, follicle-stimulating hormone.

arteries because they branch and become highly coiled as they pass into the ovarian medulla (see Fig. 22.2).

Veins accompany the arteries and form a plexus, called the pampiniform plexus, as they emerge from the hilum. The ovarian vein is formed from the plexus.

In the cortical region of the ovary, networks of lymphatic vessels in the thecal layers surround the large developing and atretic follicles and corpora lutea. The lymphatic vessels follow the course of the ovarian arteries as they ascend to paraaortic lymph nodes in the lumbar region.

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