Figure 216

Schematic diagram of endosomal compartments of the cell. This diagram shows the fate of protein (red circles) endocytosed from the cell surface and destined for lysosomal destruction. Proteins are first found in endocytotic (coated) vesicles that deliver them to early endosomes, which are located in the peripheral part of cytoplasm. Because of the sorting capability of the early endosomes, receptors are usually recycled to the plasma membrane, and endocytosed proteins are transported via multivesicular bodies (MVB) to late endosomes positioned near the Golgi apparatus and the nucleus. The proteins transported to late endosomes eventually will be degraded in lysosomes. Note the acidification scale (left) that illustrates changes of pH from early endosomes to lysosomes. The acidification is accomplished by the active transport of protons into endosomal compartments.


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