Figure 2125

Photomicrograph of human spermatic cord. a. This low-magnification photomicrograph shows a cross section of the spermatic cord containing several structures. These include the ductus deferens, the accompanying testicular artery and vein, and veins of the pampiniform plexus. xl5. Inset. A higher magnification of a pampiniform vein. Note the bundles of longitudinal smooth muscles (cut in cross section) in the tunica adventitia and tunica intima. x55. b. This cross section of the ductus deferens shows the thick muscular wall organized in three distinct smooth muscle layers: an inner longitudinal (SM(L)), middle circular (SM(C)), and outer longitudinal (SM(L)). X100. Inset. A higher magnification shows the pseudostratified epithelium lining the ductus deferens. The tall principal cells possess long microvilli (stereocilia) (arrows). The basal cells are in close proximity to the basement membrane and possess spherical nuclei. x215.

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