Figure 2124

Electron micrograph of epididymis, a. Electron micrograph of the epi-didymal epithelium, showing principal cells (PC) extending to the lumen and a basal cell (BC) limited to the basal portion of the epithelium. Profiles of sperm (S) are seen in the lumen. The apical cytoplasm of the principal cells exhibits numerous long microvilli (stereocilia).

The ampulla has taller, branched mucosal folds that often show glandular diverticula. The muscle coat surrounding the ampulla is thinner than that of the rest of the ductus deferens, and the longitudinal layers disappear near the origin of the ejaculatory duct. The epithelium of the ampulla and ejaculatory duct appears to have a secretory function. The cells contain large numbers of yellow pigment granules. The wall of the ejaculatory duct does not have a muscularis layer; the fibromuscular tissue of the prostate substitutes for it.

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