Figure 2119

Photomicrograph of human testis, a. This H&E-stained specimen shows the site that includes the mediastinum of the testis. On the right are seminiferous tubules, and on the left are the anastomosing channels of the rete testis. The arrow indicates termination of a straight tubule that is lined only by Sertoli cells. It is at this site that the tubule content enters the rete testis and the channels are then

lined by a simple cuboidal epithelium. X70. b. This higher magnification from a slightly deeper section of the same specimen shows the rete testis (left), a cross section of a seminiferous tubule (upper right), and a terminating straight tubule (asterisk) where it is entering the rete testis. Note the abrupt change in the epithelial lining at this site. As noted, the lining epithelium of the rete testis is simple cuboidal. x275.

The straight tubules empty into the rete testis, a complex series of interconnecting channels within the highly vascular connective tissue of the mediastinum (Fig. 21.19). A simple cuboidal or low columnar epithelium lines the channels of the rete testis. These cells have a single apical cilium and relatively few short apical microvilli.

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