Figure 2021

Photomicrographs of the cortex and medulla of the human adrenal gland, a. This photomicrograph shows a H&E-stained specimen of the outer cortex, it includes the connective tissue capsule, the zona glomerulosa, and the zona fasciculata. Continuous with the zona glomerulosa are the straight cords of cells that characterize the zona fasciculata. Between the cords are the capillaries and the less numerous arterioles. The red linear stripes represent capillaries that are en gorged with red blood cells. x120. b. The deep parts of the zona fasciculata, zona reticularis, and medulla are shown here. Note that the linear arrays of the cords in the zona fasciculata give way to irregular groups of cells of the zona reticularis. The medulla, in contrast, consists of ovoid groups of cells and short interconnecting cords of cells. A central adrenomedullary vein is also seen here. Note the thick longitudinally sectioned smooth muscle in part of its wall. x120.

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zona reticularis

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