Figure 198

Transmission electron micrograph of a glomerulus in the region of the urinary pole. The nuclear and perinuclear regions of the endothelial cells (EC) that line the glomerular capillaries (C) bulge into the vascular lumen. On the outer surface of the capillaries are the processes of the podocytes (P). External to the podocytes is the urinary space (U). Bowman's capsule (BC) is shown on the left; it is con tinuous at the clashed line (marked by arrowheads) with the tubule cells of the proximal tubule (PTC). Note the numerous mitochondria (M) in the base of these cells and the brush border (BB) at the apex, projecting into the urinary space. The nuclei of three adjacent mesangial cells (MC) can be seen in the upper right of the micrograph. x4,700.

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