Figure 196

Diagrams and photomicrograph of an adult human kidney. The diagram in the upper left is a hemisection of the adult human kidney included for orientation. The diagram on the right represents an enlarged portion emphasizing the relationship of two nephrons and their collecting tubules and ducts (yellow) to the cortex and medulla. The upper nephron, a midcortical nephron, extends only a short distance into the medulla and possesses a short thin segment in the loop of Henle. The lower nephron, a juxtamedullary nephron, has a medullary pyramid

ascending and descending limbs of loops of Henle papilla medulla duct of Bellini capsule distal convoluted tubule proximal convoluted tubule cortex cortex ureter macula densa medullary ray (contains only straight tubules)

collecting tubule medullary pyramid section enlarged at right renal pelvis medullary rays

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