Figure 174

Photomicrographs of pig and human livers, a. This photomicrograph shows a cross section of a pig liver lobule stained by the Mallory-Azan method to visualize connective tissue components. Note the relatively thick interlobular connective tissue (stained blue) surrounding the lobules. The terminal hepatic venule (central vein) is visible in the center of the lobule. x65. b. Photomicrograph of a human liver from a routine H&E preparation. Note that in contrast to the pig liver, the lobules of the human liver lack connective tissue septa. The plates of hepatocytes of one lobule merge with those of adjacent lobules. The boundaries of a lobule can be approximated, however, by drawing a line (dashed line) from one portal canal to the next, thus circumscribing the lobule. x65.

cental vein

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