Figure 1516

Dental pulp and structure of dentin. This photomicrograph of a decalcified tooth shows the centrally located dental pulp, surrounded by dentin on both sides. The dental pulp is a soft tissue core of the tooth that resembles embryonic connective tissue, even in the adult. It contains blood vessels and nerves. Dentin contains the cytoplasmic processes of the odontoblasts within dentinal tubules. They extend into the dentinoenamel junction. The cell bodies of the odontoblasts are adjacent to the unmineralized dentin called the predentin. x120. Left inset. Longitudinal profiles of the dentinal tubules. x240. Right inset. Cross-sectional profiles of dentinal tubules. The dark outline of the dentinal tubules, as seen in both insets, represents the peritubular dentin, which is the more mineralized part of the dentin. x240.

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