Figure 1511

Diagram showing the cellular relationships during enamel formation.

In the initial secretory stage, dentin is produced first by odontoblasts. Enamel matrix is then deposited directly on the surface of the previously formed dentin by secretory-stage ameloblasts. The secretory-stage ameloblasts continue to produce enamel matrix until the full thickness of the future enamel is achieved. (Adapted from Schour I. The neonatal line in the enamel and dentin of the human deciduous teeth and first permanent molar. J Am Dent Assoc 1936;23:1946. Fig 2. Copyright © 2002 American Dental Association. Adapted 2002 with permission of ADA Publishing, a Division of ADA Business Enterprises, Inc.)

ameloblasts enamel dentinoenamel junction dentin odontoblasts secretory-stage ameloblasts enamel rods (long axis)

hydroxyapatite crystals

junctional complex neonatal 3 months

6 months 9 months

Tomes' process

5 months in utero neonatal 3 months

6 months 9 months secretory-stage ameloblasts

Tomes' process hydroxyapatite crystals enamel rods (long axis)

junctional complex

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